Factors influencing sports performance

Factors influencing sports performance


Factors influencing sports performance- Sports training focuses on improving the performance of sportspersons, the sports performance depends on several factors like the condition of physical fitness, the constitution of the body, techniques/ coordination related to specific sports and games, tactics, and personality of an individual. Every player wants a continuous increase in his performance, so to improve the sports performance; these are the factors that influence the sports performance voluntarily and involuntarily.

Sports, exercise, and dancing all include basic and simple bodily movements, but there’s more to it. Sports performance is a complex interplay of biomechanics, emotional factors, and training methods. Let’s take a closer look at the major factors influencing athletic performance.


The constitution or physique is almost completely genetically determined and it’s not possible to improve by training. The composition of the human body is such a factor that is not in the control of humans, it is controlled by genetics. If your parents are tall, then in general you will also be tall. If your height is 5 feet then it is difficult to make a career in playing as a professional basketball or volleyball player. Height is only one factor in proportion to the body. These factors in the body like weight, height, body composition, etc. affect sports performance. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise, make your muscles stronger, or how good your skill is. Body proportion affects sports performance. If your body is muscular then you can play sports like wrestling, weight lifting. You would be more suitable. So always choose the sport which suits your body.

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Fitness is also a major factor influencing sports performance, Fitness may be defined as a successful adaptation to the stressors of one’s lifestyle. Physical fitness is an addition of fine motor abilities like endurance, flexibility, speed, strength, and coordinative ability. These five motor abilities and complex forms like maximum strength. explosive strength and speed endurance are the basic prerequisites for human motor action. The most important aims of sports training are to improve and maintain physical fitness or condition. Each sport requires a different type and level of physical fitness and hence different type of fitness training condition is required.



The performance of the sportsperson is improved by the acquisition of sports technical skills and this is the important aim of sports training. The role of technical skills in different sports is different. Continuous practice only makes a player perfect. Practicing the skill of your specific sport is the only way to increase sports performance, even if you are good at all motor skills, it is very important to have the skill of your specific sport. Learning and improving sports skills under the supervision of a good coach is the best way to improve sports performance. Good players do repetitive exercises most of the time to enhance their playing skills. Technical skill is important for the economy and efficiency of simple movements like running, swimming, jumping, lifting, and throwing.


Tactical efficiency basically depends on three elements to enhance sports performance:-

Tactical Knowledge Tactical knowledge forms the basics of tactics. The sportsman must be given knowledge about the following things:-

  • Rules and regulation of the game or sports knowledge about the tactical concept of game and sports.
  • They should also know when and where a particular technique should be used to get the best tactical advantages.
  • A sportsman must master the special technique or tactical rules or fundamentals of games and sports.
  • It’s important for the sportsman to fully understand the interrelationship among fitness, skills, tactics, and psychic factors for successful participation in a competition.

Tactical Abilities- The capacity of the sportsman to apply his/her physical and psychic abilities, technical and tactical skills according to the competition, and situation for effectively tackling a tactical task. If a sportsperson follows PRINCIPLES OF TACTICAL PREPARATION then he can increase our sports performance.

Tactical Skill- Tactical skill is automatized motor action aimed at a tactical task. These are highly automatized motor actions. In sports, only the basic tactical actions should be acquired as highly automated.

Tactical efficiency is different in different sports. This is more important in team games and combat sports and in individual sports like gymnastics and weight lifting. The role of tactics is limited. The contribution of tactics towards sports performance increases with the improvement in performance.


Sports performance is the product of the total personality of the sportsperson. The sportsperson depends heavily on his qualities of heat and heart. These qualities or abilities are classified into four groups as given

Sensation and Perception

Thinking- it is a mental activity on a flow of Ideas that are directed toward the specific goals which help in enhancing sports performance

Memory- Memory is a unique power of the mind, with the help of which human beings hold all the experiences in the mind and take advantage of them by remembering the experiences in time. Therefore, the activity of the brain by which we take advantage of our past experiences is called memory.

  • EMOTIONAL ABILITIES – Hard Work, Regularity, etc
  • BEHAVIOUR- Beliefs Values, Motive, Interest, Attitude, etc
  • DAILY HABITS- Hygiene, Diet, etc.

The above qualities and abilities enable, the sportsperson to compete successfully in a competition.  sports training aims at enhancing, these qualities through proper selection and implementation of various means and methods of training.

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