Difference between games and sports

difference between games and sports


Difference between games and sports- It has often been seen that sports and games are considered one and the same. However, sports and games are quite different from each other. A game involves more than one person and a sport is concerned with the skill and performance of only one person.

The word GAME is derived from the Proto-Germanic GA– collective prefix + MANN “person”, which refers to the sense of “getting people together”. And the word SPORT is derived from Old French desporter “to seek entertainment”, which literally means des- “away” + porter “to carry”.

So, understanding the community aspect, and the joy it derives from it, is paramount in the “play”, while in the “play” it is the more twisted aspect, and the joy comes from the activity itself, not from being together. Generally, sports and games refer to both competitive and physical activities. However, with the Games, competition, and physicality can be optional.



Recreational activities; those played at parties; Word Play Games. A competitive activity in which players compete with each other according to certain rules: basketball, Rummy, Football, etc.

Some examples of games are:-

  • Chess
  • Tag
  • Scrabble
  • Go
  • Poker
  • Hopscotch
  • Mahjong
  • Dominoes
difference between games and sport
difference between games and sport


A competition or sport in which people perform certain physical activities and compete against each other in accordance with a specific set of rules. like – badminton, lawn tennis, horse riding, etc.

Each is defined in terms of the other, although sports are a subset of games that involve physical activity. So the synopsis of a sport is a competition, and a sport is a competition that involves physical activity. Both games and sports can be defined in terms of recreational activities and competitions. The two can be used almost interchangeably, thus they are listed as synonyms in dictionaries.

In recreational activities, we play games to entertain ourselves. We play games to exercise ourselves. Generally, we consider sports as a good thing in our life because while playing any sport we also learn good sportsmanship.

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In competitions, we use the word game to emphasize the “goal”, which is to “win” the game. Usually, we use the word sports to emphasize sportsmanship and a high level of skill action, which is achieved only through serious practice. It usually includes physical activities but has recently been extended to cover mental activities as well.

What is the difference between games and sports-

  • A SPORT is an athletic pursuit that involves specific physical skills that can be trained OR developed over time. A GAME is a structured pass-time in which players or teams compete with each other according to detailed rules to try to achieve an objective, whether through skill, luck, or both.
  • SPORT is a physical activity in which you compete against a lying person under some set of rules that have been devised. On the other hand, a GAME is a type of recreational activity that we play for fun and enjoyment and to make rules within ourselves which suit us.
  • SPORT, a physical activity, is performed under an agreed set of rules. Sport is related to entertainment and purpose, either for competition or for self-pleasures. A GAME is also a recreational activity involving one or more players. GAME is also played on the basis of a set of rules; a game is defined as the goal that the players continuously strive to achieve.
  • SPORT is an activity or physical activity, in which the physical abilities of the player are observed. In a sport, there is a player or person who determines the outcome of an activity. But, a person’s talent cannot determine the game. It is the overall performance of him and his fellow players that determines the winner in a game. An individual’s individual skill or performance matters a lot in physical activity, but doesn’t matter much in a game; it is only the coordination and team spirit that leads the team to win the game.


  • A person participating in a SPORTS competition is called an athlete or sportsperson.  A person participating in a sports competition or championship is called a player.
  • While playing SPORT, an athlete can make his own independent decisions on which his winnings and losses depend, GAME- but a player cannot make such independent decisions in games as decisions are made only with the consent of his fellow player or group player in the game. Winning games depends on strategy and tactics, and sports are based on individual skill, performance, and luck.


  • The most important difference between sports and games is that sports mostly depend on physical energy and GAME depend on mental strength. Although both depend on physical energy and mental power, both things have their own importance.


  • SPORT is played with competition in mind whereas GAMES is played with a friendly attitude. More professionalism can come in sports than in sports.

In a SPORT, the athlete or sportsperson is expected to play in good sportsmanship which also includes conduct such as respecting opponents and officials. But in a GAME, one cannot give such a character. The performance of the entire team is taken into account in the game.

The nature of sports is organized and competitive. It also requires commitment and fair play. An athlete or a player always gains popularity by his skill but in a GAME, popularity does not get to any one person but to the whole like if the basketball team of a country wins the Olympic Games then popularity gets to the whole team.

Sports and game in summary

  1. Winning in sports depends on individual skill and physical strength. In games, it is the collective responsibility of a team, depending on the cohesion within the team.
  2. Sports activity is based on physical energy and games are based on mental strength.
  3. Games depend on team strategy and tactics; the game is based on individual performance, his/her skill, and luck.
  4. Sport is an activity in which the physical abilities of the player are observed. The overall performance of the players in games is what determines the winner in a game.
  • Rules govern both games and sports to ensure fair competition.
  • They may include both teams and individual participants.
  • People enjoy games and sports for relaxation and entertainment, but they also learn new skills and knowledge.


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