Phillips JCR test

Phillips JCR fitness test


Phillips JCR  test- This test was created by Bernath E.Phillips in 1947. This test was first published in the AAHPER research journal Research Quarterly. This test is considered very important for motor fitness. JCR FITNESS TEST is designed to measure a person’s general motor skills like jumping, running, and dodging which contains such basic elements as speed, power, agility, and muscular endurance. This test is suitable for males aged 18 to 45 years.

The name of this test consists of three letters JCR, in which  ‘j’ stands for jumping [vertical jump],  ‘C’ stands for chinning [China UPS or pull up] and ‘R’ stands for running [shuttle run]

 Equipment needed- vertical jump board or a marked wall, marking chalk powder, stopwatch, chinning bar, 2 wooden blocks.


Vertical jump- This is a test of lower body part strength. It is the same as the Indiana motor fitness test [1962]. In this, the subject tries to jump as high as possible from his starting stance.

Chin Up OR pull up- In this test, the strength of the upper part of the body is tested. The subject has to hold the chinning bar above the head and pull it upwards till his chin reaches the top of the bar, again coming back to the same hanging position and repeating the same process. He is given a score according to the number of times he chin-ups.

Shuttle run 100 yards- In this, five wooden blocks kept at a distance of 10 yards from the subject starting line have to be brought back to the starting line, as soon as both the blocks are placed on the starting line, the time stops.

Reliability of Test- 0.91 TO 0.97

Validity of test– 0.81




The subject is asked to stand erect facing the board or marked wall. Subject dominant hand fingertips are marked with the chalk powder and the subject is asked to raise the marked fingertips to a maximum height on the measuring board without lifting the Heels so as to mark his/her maximum reach point. The fingertips are rechalked. With the chalked hand side towards the wall, a vertical jump is to be performed by the subject to make another mark at the maximum height of the jump. The subject is not allowed to run. However, the subject is properly instructed to take a good jump by bending the knees and swinging the arms. The subject may be given 3 to 4 trials at his/her will and the best performance is considered.

Phillips JCR test
Phillips JCR test

The maximum distance between the reaching height and the jumping Height provides the score of the test. However, to get the power in foot-pound units, the above distance is multiplied by the subject body weight. But the majority of the testers routinely used directly the distance jumped irrespective of body weight as the score of the test.


A horizontal bar is required for the chin-up or is placed at the appropriate height keeping in mind the height of the player. In this, the player grabs the horizontal bar with both hands with an overhand grip, then he is signaled to raise his body upwards until his chin appears above the bar, then he again goes back to the former position in which his Hands become straight. He tries to repeat this action as many times as he can.

Phillips JCR test
Phillips JCR test

The number of complete chin-ups as awarded as 1 point.


In this, a 6 feet wide line is marked on flat ground and another line is drawn parallel to it exactly 10 yards, for this test a volleyball court can also be used, in which the first line is called the starting line and the second line is called the returning line. In this, the subject stands behind the start line and on the signal READY GO, the timer starts the clock and the subject runs towards the block placed on the second line, picking up the block and placing it behind the starting line, likewise pickup the second block to the starting line. He has to repeat this process five times in which he covers a distance of 100 yards.

Phillips JCR fitness test
Phillips JCR fitness test

In this Subject gets two trials out of which the timer record the best time out of both the trials.


The individual test item scores are known as raw scores which are converted to standard scores with the help of Phillips 1947 conversion tables. A 6 sigma scale is used to construct the result of this test.

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