Major difference between yoga and exercise

major difference between yoga and exercise



The major difference between yoga and exercise Both yoga and exercise are involved in physical activities. Many people do not understand much difference between yoga and exercise. They feel that yoga is an exercise.  So here we going to know about exercise and yoga means what are the exact differences between exercise and yoga.



Any activity designed to develop or hone a skill or ability. Physical activity intended to improve strength and FITNESS. Exercise mainly involves the voluntary muscles i.e. muscles of the hand and feet. There is breaking down of Tissues in exercise cause fatigue in the body by accumulating lactic acid and carbon dioxide. To keep the body healthy and fit, it is necessary that the blood flow in the body goes smoothly; there is blood circulation in every part of the body. Exercise helps our body in making this body healthy and powerful. Therefore, we can say that all the actions by which the body is kept healthy and strong are called exercise.

major difference between yoga and exercise
the major difference between yoga and exercise

                                                    These activities include strengthening the muscles, keeping the heart system healthy, and reducing weight. Exercise includes running, jogging, drill, etc. These exercises develop muscles and make the body firm. Exercise speeds up digestion and causes a lot of hunger. By exercising regularly, the body’s immune system is strengthened, there is less chance of heart disease, and the loss of diabetes can be avoided. Exercise also helps to reduce obesity.


The word ‘yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit word “YUJ” which means to unite or join. Yoga is a spiritual process through which the action of bringing the body, mind, and soul together. Yoga owes India to the world. Yoga has a tradition of five thousand years in India. Yoga is also described in Vedic literature. Along with this, its importance has also been accepted in Buddhist and Jain religions. Patanjali is widely regarded as the founder of formal yoga. Keeping the mind under control and meditating in a situation in which the mind is free from all fickleness is concentrated in absolute zero, is called yoga. After this type of action, the mind feels full of energy and the body feels fit.

major difference between yoga and exercise
the major difference between yoga and exercise

 Yoga combines mental exercises, physical exercises, and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles and relieve stress. The effects of yoga mostly on involuntary muscles are particularly beneficial for the digestive system, the breathing system, excretory system, endocrine glands. While after yoga, the body becomes light and vibrant and the mind becomes calm because neural power is not spent in the postures. There are many types of yoga asanas but the best among them is 84 asanas, they can be divided into three parts, the first therapeutic second, the postural posture, and the third meditative posture. With the help of yoga ligaments, joints, arteries, veins, spinal cord, and muscles become flexible; their flexibility also remains in old age. This is the reason that yoga can be practiced till old age.







Exercises are done at a rapid pace.Yoga is a slow and dynamic movement.
The last position does not have stability.In the last position, there is stability.
The last stage is stressful.The last stage is stress-free.
Breathing speed is fast.Breathing speed slows down.
Blood circulation increases.Blood circulation remains normal.
The heart rate becomes faster.The heart rate becomes slow or normal.
Muscle tension increases.Muscles are balanced.
Cells are destroyed.New cells are formed.
There is a general increase in work efficiency.Work efficiency increases.
There is a loss of energy in exercise.There is a collection of energy in yoga.
People of all ages cannot do it.People of all ages can do it.
Fatigue occurs after exercise.Lightness remains after yoga.
Digestion is normal.Digestion is well done.
The ego increases.The ego decreases.
Human qualities develop in an outer manner.Human qualities develop in an inner manner.
Self-confidence and motivation power develop.Increases in confidence, inner power, mental health.
There is an addition in memory.Special development of memory takes place.
Reflexes become faster.Everyday vigilance increases.
Leading power increases.Decision power increases.
A higher level of consciousness cannot be touched.A higher level of consciousness can be touched.
The endocrine glands are stimulated.The endocrine glands become smooth.
There is no spiritual progress.Spiritual progress begins.



EXERCISE stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system present in the body, causing a feeling of tiredness in the body. EXERCISE is mostly focused on increasing the strength and size of the muscles, due to which the muscles begin to lack flexibility and while exercising, we have to use a lot of body energy.

YOGA stimulates the sympathetic nervous system present in the body, which relaxes the muscles of the body. Yoga, we can develop all the muscles of the body normally by doing various asanas of yoga, the flexibility of the body also increases and yoga is an energy-efficient activity.


EXERCISE, the pressure on the muscles increases, and due to the lack of oxygen in the muscles, the heart has to make blood circulation faster, due to which the blood pressure also increases and the pressure on the heart to work continuously increases.

YOGA, there is very little pressure on the heart, because after doing any yoga asana, the muscles of the body become relaxed. Due to which the requirement for oxygenated blood is very less.



EXERCISE In normal or difficult exercise, there is a constant movement of muscles, which increases the need for oxygen, because of which our breathing speed increases, and to deliver an adequate amount of oxygen to the body, the lungs have to work harder.

YOGA, the body is in a relaxed state and does not put much burden on the body’s breathing system.


EXERCISE our body’s immune system is good through exercise. It mostly depends on the duration, nature, and intensity of the exercise. Exercise also affects the immune system of the body according to its type.

 YOGA helps to strengthen the body’s immune system increasing working efficiency and also helps in increasing the number of cells. Good food and yoga can affect the immune system of the body in many ways.


EXERCISE physical pressure along with mental pressure in the body is also high during exercise because our body is not stable in one state while exercising, it constantly changes its state according to exercise. Due to which the mental pressure is always there.

YOGA, in contrast, there is no mental pressure in yoga. At that stage, our bodies would not be doing any activity or exercise. He does yoga in one stage or with little movement. Yoga helps a lot in stabilizing our mental level.


EXERCISE In exercising we need more amount of calories to perform any activity or intense level of exercise.

YOGA meanwhile in yoga there is no such more rapid movements so our body does not require more amount of calories


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