What is psychology- psychology is a science that studies the behaviour of an individual. It does not lay down any norms for behaviour. Just explain how an animal or a human being characteristically behaves in particular circumstances. it is a science of the behaviour of the organism.

MEANING OF PSYCHOLOGY:-The word Psychology is derived from the Greek word meaning the “study of the soul” but till date, none of us has seen the soul and we do not know about the thing which is not seen, hence this fact was changed again. The study of this soul has been changed to study the mind, but we can know about our mind, not about anyone else but the true meaning of Psychology is the study of human behaviour. In this process, we do not cover things like playing, walking, and moving. In the process, while learning to think, feel, behave towards others, anger, fear, love is related to all of them.

“PSYCHO” — “meaning is the soul”

“LOGOS”  –   “meaning is talk about science or to study”

The ancient Greeks considered the soul to the essence of an organism. Gradually with more awareness emphasis shifted to the observable aspect of the soul and psychology become the study of the mind.

DESCARTES (1590-1650) felt that consciousness was the essence of the mind and psychology was regarded as the study of consciousness.

Further, Watson emphasized that the inner reflect itself in observable activities of the individual, and It was defined as the study of behaviour.

JHOIN WUNDT raised psychology to the status of science by introducing experimental techniques in analyzing behaviour. In today’s world psychology is considered to be a positive science aiming to describe how the individual behaves under a certain set of situation.

it is a short and simple meaning and definition of psychology

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