Player Selection Process

player selection process


Selection of players for teams or player selection process, A coach selects a team for participation in various competitions. This selection is made based on experience curd individual capacities of each player. A coach for

selection of any players must have the following guidelines helps in the selection of players:

1. Eligibility: –A coach must ensure the eligibility of a player based on the laid down condition for the events.

(i) Age: – Separate age limits are fixed for different categories of events, such as:
(a) Sub-Juniors.
(b) Junior.
(c) University-level.
(d) Seniors.
(e) Veteran.

(II)ENROLLMENT/NOMINATIONS: –A coach before makes any selection should check nomination sent by various institutions. A player selected for the university team must be nominated by the university without which his selection shall be considered invalid.

(III)LIMIT OF PARTICIPATION:- In the player selection process the Limit of participation and no. of years, a player can represent an institution is laid down in the rules and the institutions issued from time to time. The instructions should be strictly adhered to; for example, a university player after passing his/her higher secondary examinations (10+2) can participate in the university team for 8 years, subject to the conditions that a player enrolled in a graduate course can participate in the team for 4 years only. Criteria fixed is, no. of years of particular course +1 year. A similar pattern is followed for the PG courses. The maximum age limit for the players has been fixed as 25 years.

(IV)ATTENDANCE: – Attendance of the players representing various institutions must be checked with the respective institutions. it must be ensured that a player is enrolled in one institution only.

(V) PASSING/ FAILING IN A CLASS: –A player failing in a class can avail the chance of playing for one more year only. His/her academic results i.e. passing or failing must also be checked properly.

2. CONSENT OF THE GUARDIANS/PARENTS: –A selection must ensure that a player selected for an event has obtained the written consent of his/her parents/guardians. This is essential where a team has to travel out of the station for playing the game. These formalities are essential for sending information back no in case of emergencies. Once these formations are completed, the responsibility of the safety and security of the entire team shall no rest with the coach and the manager.

3. PHYSICAL FITNESS:-Physical fitness must be the prime criterion for the selection of any player for the team. Medical examination of each player to check her/his fitness in all respect must be carried out. All the physical system of a player must be in perfect condition and must not be suffering from any ailment. A negative medical report is sufficient for barring a player from any event.

4. SELF-CONFIDENCE: –A player must have complete self-confidence in his/her capabilities. She/he may have shown good results in coaching or learned the latest techniques of the game, but fail to utilize his/her knowledge without self-confidence. Such a player shall lose his/her balance in the middle of the game on the error selecting the players.

5. INTENSITY OF URGE TO BE THE BEST PLAYER: –A player must have urged to be the best player. Ordinarily, a player after selection to the team starts taking it easy. A series player however having an intensity of the urge to be the best doesn’t rest at that and continues to work for further improving his/her game. The selectors therefore must select such players to the team who have the intensity of the urge to be best.

Team selection process


(a)Height:-Height of a player in some games offers added advantages. The selectors while selecting the team for basketball, volleyball, and other such games must consider this factor.

(b)Weight:-Events such as wrestling, weight lifting, Judo, etc. are played according to the bodyweight of the players. The selectors must, therefore, consider the weight factor while selecting the players for wrestling, weightlifting hammer throw, shot put, judo, etc.

(c)Speed:-Speed is essential in each game. A player having inbuilt speed in his/her movements shall be quite as with most of the games and will attain better results as compared to those with slow reflexes. A player with speed and fast reflexes movements makes fast improvement in the game and learns new techniques quickly. Such players must, therefore, be preferred while making a selection.

7. TECHNIQUES:-Most of the players learn various techniques of the game during the cause of their training. Very few however acquire expertise and only some out of their learn how and when to use them to gain maximum advantage for their team. IN the game of volleyball, a player who smashes can smash each ball given to his/her swift reflexes action & technique to decide whether to smash it or place it in a space to score a point. This should be kept in mind while the player selection process of teams.

8.PERSONAL REACTION TO ADVERSE CONDITION:-Personal reaction to adverse conditions during a practical situation or an event must be observed only those showing a positive balance reaction to the given situation must only nd a place in the.

9. MEDICAL CHECK UP: –A complete medical check-up of each player must be compulsory or compulsorily done to exclude those suffering from contagious and incurable diseases. Selection to the team, he/she should be excluded from the team.

10. PERFORMANCE STYLE OF THE PLAYER:-Technique and style of the play and performance of each player must be closely observed during friendly matches and training and only those players should be selected whose style, technique, and performance are the best.

11. EXCESS ENERGY:-stamina and excess energy of each player must be carefully observed by the coach. The players who ever after day’s tiring schedule, still have extra energy to play and get back must be given a place in the team.

12. SELECTION BY TEST:-Selection of players can also be based on the results of the following tests:-

(a) Skill test.
(b)Test for knowing the level of skill.
(c) Objective test.
(d) other tests to know the actual level of the knowledge of players about rules of the game

13. OPINION OF EXPERIENCED COACHES:-Experienced coaches training instructors involved in the coaching and training of the team must also be consulted. An experienced coach can give good help in the selection of process. He/she can easily judge the qualities of a player by observing him/her, playing the game.

14. SKILL TEST: –A selector while giving skill tests to the players must try and main the balance of skill among players in the particular game.

15- CHARACTER:- A player selected for a particular game must bear a good moral character player with questionable conduct and character shall be very difficult to manage team and coach. A simple, hardworking, seamless, friendly, generous disciplined player dedicated to the game should only be selected.

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