Johnson Metheny Test battery


Johnson Metheny Test battery

Johnson Metheny Test battery  Was Developed By Metheny In 1938 Which Was An Upgraded Version Of the Johnson Educability Test in 1932. The Johnson Battery Test, Which Consists Of Ten Items, Was Designed To Test Neuromuscular Skill Capability, Methney Analyzed The Examination In 1938 And Eliminate Six Items of the Test Because, In His Analysis Of The Johnson Test, he Discovered That, For Boys, The Correlation Between The Four Test Results And The Overall Johnson Score Was 0.98 For Boys And 0.93 For Girls Who Learned Trembling Feats. A Correlation Of 0.86 Was Found Between The Overall Johnson Score And The Combination Of Three Johnson Items For Girls. Metheny Was Able To Simplify The Mat Used To Administer The Test By Removing Six Of The Original Johnson Items.

The Johnson Metheny Test Battery consists of Four Motor Stunts Listed Below:

  • Front Roll
  • Back Roll
  • Jumping Half-Turns
  • Jumping Full-Turns

Test Area  Johnson Metheny Test battery 

The Mat Or Marked Area Length Is 15 Feet And Its Width Is 2 Feet. The Fifteen Feet Were Divided Into Ten Parts, Each Measuring Eighteen Inches. The Transverse Line Width Is Either ¾” Or 3″. The Distance Between The Lines’ Centers Is Still 18″. In The Center Of The Mat Area Is Another Lengthwise Defined Line That Is ¾” Wide.

 Johnson- Metheny Test battery
Johnson- Metheny Test battery

Front Roll:

Roll Inside The Two-Footed Path Or Lane. Subject Is Asked To Start Outside The Marked Area. Two Front Rolls Should Be Executed: The First Should Stay Inside The First Half Of The 7.5 I.E. 3’’ Lanes Boundaries, And The Second Should Stay Inside The Second Half’s Boundaries Without Ever Touching Or Crossing The Lanes.



Each Roll Is Worth Five Points Hence Maximum Ten Points. Deduct Two Points For Crossing The Right Or Left Sideline One Point Deduct For Exceeding The End Limit On Each Roll, And Five Points Deducted For Failing To Conduct A Proper Roll.

Back Roll:

In This Item The Subject Step Out Of The Marked Area At The Beginning And Complete Two Back Rolls In The Two-Foot Lane Area, One in the First Half And One In the Second Half.


In Terms Of Performance And Scoring, The Testing Process Is Similar To the Front Roll.

Jumping Half Turn-

Both Right And Left Half-Turns: Place Feet On The First 3-Inch Line To Begin Making A Half Round To The Right Or Left On The Second 3-Inch Line By Jumping With Both Feet; Then, Make A Half Turn To The Opposite Direction On The Third 3-Inch Line; And So On, Alternating The Direction Of Rotation Throughout The Entire Length Of The Mat.


Two Points Are Deducted For Each Jump In Which The Subject Does Not Land With Both Feet On The 3-inch Line Turns The Wrong Way, Or Both. Ten Points Are Awarded For Four Jumps Executed Perfectly.

Jumping Full Turns

The Subject Is Instructed To Begin With Their Feet Outside The Specified Area, Approximately In The Centre Of The Lane. Subject Must Jump With Both Feet Together To The Second Rectangular Spot, Turning Completely To The Left Or Right. Continue Across The Mat, Performing Full Rotations, And Turning In The Same Direction, And Landing On Both Feet Every Other Rectangular Space..


A Perfect Completion Of Five Leaps Is Awarded With Ten Points. Two Points Are Deducted If The Subject Fails To Keep Their Balance When Landing On Both Feet, Turns Too Far, Or Oversteps The Rectangular Space.

Johnson Metheny Test battery

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