Friedel field hockey test

Friedel field hockey test


The Friedel field hockey test was introduced by Jean E Friedel in 1956. In 1956 Friedel recommended a single item field hockey test for high school girls, established on the higher value of the validation coefficient between the Friedel hockey skill test and the Schimthals-French ball control test. The Friedel hockey test has a validation coefficient value of 0.87 and the reliability of this hockey test fluctuates from 0.77 to 0.90. It’s based on single test item passing, receiving, driving, and fielding while in motion.


Types of equipment required Friedel field hockey test

  • A stopwatch
  • Measuring tape
  • Hockey stick
  • Hockey ball
  • A rectangular field 25* 10 yards with clearly marked lines
  • Whistle
  • Cones and markers
  • Lime powder


In this test 10 yards, the wide starting line is marked on the ground. The two ends of this line are extended vertically by lines 25 yards long whose ends are joined parallel to the starting line. Another line, known as the restraining line, is drawn parallel to the starting line at a distance of 15 yards from the starting line and 10 yards from the end line. A target that is two yards long and one yard wide is drawn in the center of the restraining line towards the starting line.

Friedel field hockey test
Friedel field hockey test


Ten passes or trails are to be received from the left and right side which means twenty trails are given to the subject to complete his/her test. On the signal, READY GO the subject moves forward from the starting line, and at the same time ball is rolled from the opposite corner of the player towards the targeted area.

Meanwhile, the subject receives the pass in the target area and dribble with his or her hockey stick to the end line. Once the subject reaches the end line he or she reverses direction and drives the ball back to the starting line. If the ball is not driven hard enough to reach the starting line, the subject has to follow the drive. The time taker stops the stopwatch as soon as the ball cuts across the starting line. Ten passes each are to be obtained from the right and left sides.


The mean of the total time taken in twenty trails, 10 from the left corner and 10 from the right corner is the score of the skill test.


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