Aims and Objectives of Physical Education

Aims and Objectives of Physical Education

Aims and Objectives of Physical Education

Aims and objectives of physical education- It is said in the definition of education that education creates change, modification, and harmony in life as a result of educational experiences. These modifications lead to certain qualities and when we try to achieve them, they are called ‘Aims’; these goals are some far away and some near. Mainly they have three levels which are named.

(1) Aims

(2) Objectives

(3) Out-comes

The goal of education in the field of general education is to instill those values ​​by which a person becomes educated; Values ​​in the field of physical education make a person well-educated in the approach of physical education. Thus the goal is the ultimate objective. This goal is very distant and general in nature.

According to U. K. W. Book Balter, “The goal of physical education is to make a beautiful and maximum development of man from the physical, social, mental and emotional point of view. It is possible to participate in rhythmic activities and gymnastics activities with proper guidance and education.

 According to J.F. Williams, “The goal of physical education is to provide efficient leadership and adequate facilities to provide the individual or group with ample opportunities to work in situations which are very healthy from the physical point of view, the most motivated by the mental point of view is perfectly balanced.

 The attainment of these objectives is considered necessary for the achievement of the goal.
  • Good health
  • Evangelical education
  • To be a good member of the family.
  • Preparation for business
  • Character building
  • Make good use of the wasted time.


  • Based on lifestyle- The aim of physical education should be on principles built on the basis of social needs.
  • Innovative- As the conditions change and new goals are discovered, there may be changes and modifications in the goal of physical education.
  • All-around development- The goal of physical education is based on the whole program and not only on a part of it.
  • Scientific approach – The goal of physical education should be based on scientific facts.
  • Future-oriented – The goal of physical education should be based on long-term planning.

Objectives of Physical Education

If the guideline is very close then it is called objective. These objectives are specific and concrete and their attainment is possible. They are related to goals and are part of them. The far-reaching objectives point to the values ​​that are enshrined in the goal. It is also true that not all objectives can be achieved by one person. These objectives have great importance in the field of education.


“The object of physical education and training is to produce and preserve physical and mental health.

According to J.V. Nash, “The development of various body parts, consciousness, muscle coordination, is the aim of physical education.

According to harry crow buck, the following are the Aims and objectives of physical education

 Physical growth and development

  1.  Physical growth
  2.  Improve physical ability

Brain and muscle coordination

  1. Ability to interact
  2. Development of mental and other organs activities

Development of personality

  1. To create a sense of leadership
  2.  Imbibing the qualities of a good player
  3.  The habit of social interaction
  4. Fearless behavior

The habit of proper behavior

  1.  To be clean
  2.  Work in a disciplined manner
  3.  Whole day program to keep the body healthy and mind happy to prepare well

To get rid of mental stress and anxiety

  1.  To relieve stress and anxiety through sports.
  2. To develop the ability to cope with stress and anxiety.

Increase in knowledge

  1.  Knowledge of the rules of the game
  2.  Knowledge related to sports and exercise
  3. Education-related knowledge through games

 Sense of citizenship

1. Promoting the qualities of a good citizen

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According to various thinkers and those who have special knowledge of physical education, the following are the ideal objectives of physical education:-

  • Along with the proper physical development of the person, helps in his healthy mental development.
  • To create physically and mentally healthy citizens. Only a healthy citizen can contribute to the development of the country.
  • To make children physically strong, shapely, and healthy, and to develop a balanced personality.
  • To remove the child’s mental anxiety and pressure by developing the habit of regularly participating in sports or physical exercise etc.
  • To train children in different types of difficulties and problems.
  • To develop the habit of consistently utilizing leisure time in suitable physical activities.
  • To develop social, economic, and political capacity.
  • Providing routine and definite form to the activities of daily life.
  • To provide a proper way for the child to take out the excess power.
  • Develop motor skills such as strength, speed, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility, and balance, as these are essential for successful performance in various games and sports.
  • Learn skills and tactics for participating in structured physical activities, games, and sports.
  •  Learn about the human body and how physical activities affect its functioning.
  •  Comprehend the process of growth and development, as physical activity has a favorable association with it.
  •  Develop socio-psychological components such as emotional control, balanced behavior, leadership and followership qualities, and team spirit through involvement in games and sports.


A balanced and well-developed modern program of physical education has many results, some of these results are very near and some are far away, but it is undeniable that all those results can be achieved by effective teaching. When the instruction line is further fragmented and brought into a specific form, it is called a result. The result serves a very specific purpose.

The following results can be achieved quickly by participating in a program of physical education at any age.

  • Joy and happiness
  • Value of physical health
  • Efficiency in action

The results that can be found after some time, but which are somewhat difficult to achieve, are the following

  • That deep area of ​​values ​​where it is difficult to get the result clearly but without it the contribution of the program is neither to the individual nor to the society.
  • Psychological characteristics
  • Social control

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